KIND Fund Case Study


The KIND Fund has the Mission of Serving our YOUNG and those in need by bringing together the community to take action and build a brighter future.

"The Young Caring for our Young"


The KIND Fund team has been manually accepting requests, finding volunters and sending out the requests in packets to the volunteers to shop for the kids in need. This has made it so that there is a lot of pieces to watch and a lot of parts to manage. They wanted our help to come up with an app and admin panel that would help them manage everything they were juggling.


Appstango revolutionized The KIND Fund's operations with a tailored app and admin panel. Educators now effortlessly submit requests, expediting the process. The admin panel accelerates review and assignment, significantly reducing the time it takes to fulfill requests and provide essential items to children in need. This streamlined system ensures swift and efficient coordination between educators, the KIND Fund Team, and volunteers, amplifying The KIND Fund's impact on the timely support of children in need.


Client Testimonial

Working with Appstango was incredible for The KIND Fund. Their expertise in crafting a streamlined app and admin panel has significantly reduced response times, making a meaningful impact on countless children in need.


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