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$125/hour (compared to $150-$175 at other SLC-based companies)  

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You’ll know exactly how long your app will take and what it’ll cost before you spend a penny  

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Our developers and designers are quick, efficient, and highly skilled  

IOS App Creation  

A great IOS app always starts from the moment you come up with the idea, and the actual creation phase comes next. It can seem overwhelming at first, but at AppsTango, we’re here to help you through every step of the process so you can stay focused on the big picture.

We value high quality, good design, and efficiency, and we’re dedicated to making sure that your IOS app has all of these elements (plus some). From the moment you bring your idea to us to the moment it hits the app store, our expert team will work to keep you updated and get your app running as quickly as possible. 

Why Use AppsTango for IOS App Development

When it comes to building IOS apps, our team is highly skilled and efficient. We know how important it is to get it right, which is why we use Jira to manage work, quotes, requirements, design, and testing for your AWS app. We offer detailed and accurate timelines, quotes, and regular updates on the status of your project. 

We also do everything we can to get our clients on the app store more quickly and cost-effectively by focusing on an initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The faster you can monetize your IOS app, the better. 

Another key factor that we feel sets us apart

Aside from the high quality IOS apps we produce for our clients, another factor that sets us apart is the low cost we charge for design. While other companies in Salt Lake City charge anywhere from $150-$175 per hour, we only charge $125 per hour.

Our experts will quote your IOS app before starting as well, so you know exactly what it’ll cost before you spend a penny. We believe that your time and resources are valuable, and we make sure that you’re getting the highest quality IOS app to fit your unique and specific needs.

iOS App Developer in Utah 

When you need an iOS app developer in Utah, AppsTango provides exceptional value and quality – and gets you the results you need.

We specialize in creating iOS apps that give users the power to do what they want to do, wherever they want to do it, and to do it exceptionally well.

Our team of experienced developers are true experts in the field, and we leverage those skills to your benefit in every possible way. We use a formal, aggressive approach to project management that keeps you updated on your project’s status and holds everyone accountable for quick turnaround and on-time delivery.

We have developed and fine-tuned our processes in a way that puts full focus on getting your application launched and monetized as quickly as possible. We are known for exceptional design and flawless functionality. And, because we take the time to learn about you, your concepts and your objectives, we deliver the innovative solutions you’re looking for.

You have the ideas and the vision. AppsTango has the ability to bring them to life. Together, let’s make your concepts a reality.

Why Hire an
iOS App Development Company?

Do you have to hire a mobile app development company to bring your idea to life and get it into the app store? Of course you don’t. You could create an app yourself, hire an in-house coder to do it, or even ask around to find a freelancer.

Today, you could probably find a dozen or more people in your contacts list (or in your neighborhood) who claim to have mobile app development skills. If you choose one of them to build your app, hoping you might save a few dollars. But you probably won’t be happy with the results. Freelancers rarely have the qualifications you need to get professional results.

The project will drag on and the money will flow from your account to their pocket, but what about your results? The best way to get the professional results you deserve is to hire a professional app development company. Choosing a professional iOS app developer, in Utah or anywhere else, assures you will get both skills and accountability with guaranteed results.

Why Choose AppsTango
 for Your Utah iOS App Development?

The answer to this question is simple: We are the best iOS app developers in Utah for providing exceptional quality, responsiveness and value. Our team has the knowledge and real-world experience to deliver exceptional results with quick turnaround.

Even better, we are also the most affordable mobile app developer in Utah. We charge a fraction of what our competitors charge without compromising quality or speed. When you work with us, you will enjoy full transparency throughout the process – and you will own your code.

AppsTango stands behind everything we do. We also offer options for ongoing maintenance and support, so you can incorporate new features and keep your application running smoothly.

Why Do You Need an iOS App?

When you go looking for a mobile app builder, it’s usually for one of two reasons.

Maybe you have a brilliant idea for an app, and you want to make it a reality. Your ultimate goal might be to get your application live in the Apple app store and let the cash start pouring in. If you have the concepts but lack the technical skills to design and program the app, AppsTango can provide the missing piece of the puzzle for you.

Or maybe you have a business, product or service that you believe could benefit from having an app. A highly functional, well-designed application can set you apart from your competitors and help you increase your market share – and your bottom line.

Whatever your reason might be for wanting an iOS application developed, let AppsTango be your go-to iOS app development company in Utah.


Mobile apps, especially those created for the iOS platform, have the potential to create profound and ongoing engagement with users. The more your users love your app, the better and more plentiful your reviews will be. Better reviews—and more of them—make other potential users more willing to give your product a try. Exceptional functionality and robust features help avoid attrition and keep the buzz going.

At AppsTango, we are experts at creating and sustaining engagement. And we know how to make your app stand out among the rest. In fact, this is where our team of designers and programmers excel. We use a combination of user-friendly design and high-level functionality that ensures your users get exactly what they want without even thinking about it.

Our customers seek us out because we have established a reputation for getting results. If you take a moment to browse our mobile app case studies, you can see real examples of how we have delivered for our customers. We are so confident in our ability to deliver results for you, we guarantee that we can help you increase your app store rating.

If you’re wondering how the process works or asking questions such as, “How much does it cost to have an app developed?”, give us a call. We provide a free, no-obligation quote to build your application, so you’ll never have to worry about hidden costs or unplanned surprises.

Contact us today to learn more about us, and to discover why our customers say we’re the best iOS app developer in Utah.


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