About AppsTango

The Story of AppsTango

While AppsTango was founded in 2020 by Russell Thornton, its foundation was built on years of entrepreneurship. Russell founded Venafi his senior year at the University of Washington and went on to also found Amber Alert GPS.

Russell has built a team at AppsTango focused on providing and delivering strategic and operational leadership to meet the technology needs of organizations. They understand the dynamics of building, planning, and supporting the growth of the organization from startup to full operational capacity. Working with cross functional teams they are responsible for aligning business processes and technology solutions, delivering successful technology projects, and applying lessons learned to further efforts.

AppsTango can present technical data in a comprehensive, yet clear manner and works hands-on implementing, integrating, and managing complex applications and databases. The company enjoys the challenge of working on complex projects and collaboratively creating solutions that have the potential for transformational change. The company is obsessed with providing technology that supports the current and future business strategy.

AppsTango is an AWS certified organization with a culture focused on delivering best practice web and mobile applications.


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App Development Process

Meet with our Scoping Masters to dive deep into your app idea and get it all on the table. We want to understand, down to the finest detail, what your app is and what you're trying to accomplish. Then we look at what it would take to make it happen.

Then work with you to create the vision and documentation for your app - Wireframes, Flow Diagrams, Summary, and the Storyboard. Once estimated, this allows us to see and show in minute detail what it would take and how much to build your app.

With your approval, we move on to development.


  • Build Jira boards
  • PM meet with dev team
  • PM meets with client
  • set up Github, AWS, Apple, Google and other accounts for you app

QA testing and Beta testing

  • PM testing the app during project
  • Developer testing of the app before they deploy the app
  • QA team ensures app is properly working
  • Once we finish your MVP we push you app to the stores for beta testing

We will help you get you app from an idea in your head to a full functional app in the stores where others can download it and enjoy your creation.  

Meet Our Team

Russell Thornton

Founder and Chief Software Architect

Lindsey Nichols

Director of Project Management

Taylor Quass

Scoping Master

Michael Peters

Project Manger