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Energy Worker's Medical Services provides top of the line medical supplies to those who qualify under the Workers' Compensation plan. Those who have devoted their time and health to the DOL in mining and hauling Uranium. We provide this medical equipment at no cost to you. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help you get the medical equipment you need as soon as possible.

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Before the introduction of the EWMS app, nurses had to rely on manual record-keeping methods, which were time-consuming and often led to errors. For instance, nurses had to maintain written records of patient details, such as their medical history, vital signs, and medication administration. This often led to delays in care, as nurses had to spend a significant amount of time updating these records instead of attending to patients. Additionally, nurses had to request supplies by making phone calls or filling out a form, which was also a time-consuming process that often resulted in delays.


To address these challenges, EWMS teamed up with AppsTango to develop an app that allows nurses to track patient details and request supplies. The app provides nurses with a digital platform where they can access patient records, update vital signs, record medication administration, and communicate with other healthcare professionals. Additionally, the app allows nurses to request supplies, such as medications, equipment, and medical supplies, with just a few clicks.


Client Testimonial

The team at Appstango was highly responsive and communicative throughout the development process, keeping us updated on progress and ensuring that our feedback was incorporated into the final product. They were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the app met our specific needs, and they were flexible in adapting to changes in requirements as they arose.


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