Utah firm giving away $100,000 app-and-tech package to lucky nonprofit

August 23, 2022

Utah firm giving away $100,000 app-and-tech package to lucky nonprofit

In this technology-driven world, almost every small business knows that a thoughtfully-designed mobile app is key to driving up sales and reeling in more customers. And though nonprofits have a slightly different goal, an app can be no less beneficial.

"If your organization doesn't have a mobile application set up for your users to give through, you're really missing out on a golden opportunity and selling your charity short," Amit Tiwari writes for Business2Community.

Tiwari continues, "A mobile app for nonprofit is your ticket to be more helpful to your charity. It's going to increase your donations by inspiring people to give more and allowing them to give more easily or collect donations."

But, then again, you're a nonprofit. And apps cost money. So, you put that golden opportunity on the back burner for now.

Well, if financing is the only thing holding you back, now's your chance to finally secure the funding you need to create an app that will take your nonprofit to the next level. To help those who help others, AppsTango wants to create an app for a Utah charity — for free. If you're interested, here's everything you need to know.

How to qualify for a free app

For AppsTango to create a free app for your nonprofit, there are a few parameters to meet. First, it must be an established 501(c)(3) with a solid track record of work. Unfortunately, that means recently created charities aren't likely to qualify. Utah-based charities will be given first preference, but other charities based only in the U.S. may apply.

Also, the new app must have a significant value proposition for your organization. Given all the time and work that goes into creating it, AppsTango is looking for app ideas that will make a significant impact and further your cause.

A good example

When it comes to helping out nonprofit organizations, this isn't AppsTango's first rodeo. To give you an idea of the kind of work they've done before, The Live Your Dream Foundation is an excellent example.

Live Your Dream supports single-mother families by providing scholarships for single moms who want to better provide for their children. The organization is completely volunteer-led, so every cent of every contribution directly benefits families. AppsTango helped the foundation build web applications so that single mothers could find these resources more easily.

Founder Katie Bunnell, who runs the foundation out of a labor of love after experiencing what it was like to suddenly be a single mother herself, has been thrilled with AppsTango's work so far.

"AppsTango donated their services to deliver our website and technology services. We loved working with them!" she said.

Application deadline

If you run, work for or know of a nonprofit organization that could benefit from having a smoothly-run app or website, act fast! The deadline to apply is Sept. 15. AppsTango will work with KSL to select the winner after carefully reviewing all applicants. App development will then start in September and the process should take between four to five months total.

For more information on how to apply, visit appstango.com.

Why work with AppsTango?

Though only one lucky nonprofit will score a free app, don't let that stop you from working with AppsTango if your charity doesn't get picked. As a full-service Utah software developer, AppsTango is your one-stop shop for both Android and iOS mobile apps, web browser apps and more. They would love to help you further your organization's mission and reach a wider audience.

Their clients range from innovative thinkers and brash entrepreneurs to startups, small businesses and enterprise organizations. And along with exceptional quality and fast delivery, AppsTango also keeps prices at a surprisingly affordable rate.

It's time to bring your ideas to life and start realizing your goals. Contact AppsTango today for a free price quote and learn how an app can help your business or organization thrive.

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