iPhone Apps & Opportunity

May 19, 2020

iPhone Apps & Opportunity - AppsTango

The iPhone App Opportunity

The mobile app market is growing at a remarkable speed. The industry is worth roughly about $101 Billion Dollars. It can be hard to comprehend just what possibilities are in store for the future of the app industry. The iPhone app industry is one that is very competitive, apps that are put in place need to work seamlessly and be able to keep the user occupied. As of January 2020, there are about 2.2 million apps in the App Store. Every day there are around 2,540 apps that are released in the App Store. We are going to discuss some benefits of choosing to make an iPhone app that will benefit the users of Apple products. 

The first main benefit is the high-end security layer that iPhone apps carry. This feature is especially important for programs that have sensitive data that they need to protect. People that use iPhones have protection against malware, viruses, and any other threat that can interrupt daily operations. The security that iOS products provide against includes data theft, data duplication, and data encryption. Additionally, the iOS security will help maintain the user’s data privacy, app data in the Cloud, and user identity. 

Another benefit is the number of people that use iPhones. While iPhones are extremely popular, they definitely aren’t the only smartphone option available. iPhones appeal to tech-savvy people who are looking for a simple but effective interface to use. In the second quarter of 2019, the App Store recorded a business revenue of $25.5 Billion Dollars. Apple’s business is definitely thriving. iPhone apps are the people’s number one choice. 

Apple provides its users with a better customer service experience. Based on past experience with iPhones and the customer service the users have encountered, people keep coming back to their iPhones. Apple carries high standards in regards to their hardware, they have flawless software functions and they have great customer support. iPhone users are generally pretty happy customers. The users are also confident in whatever app they may download for use will function smoothly and correctly. 

Another benefit is that iPhone users are generally satisfied with their Apple device and accustomed to how the apps are going to work. If businesses are aware of the user preference they would be able to boost their sales with any advancement they could offer.

Apple products are extremely popular in many different countries in Europe, including the UK and the United States. If you have a business that is looking for international growth, developing an app within the iPhone product range would help you reach people and places across the globe.

iPhone carries a sophistication factor to it that really can’t compare to other smartphones. It is viewed as being a leader of success within the industry. There will be a great return on investments when developing iPhone apps. 

iPhone apps provide an environment that is secure for all online transactions. When using apps on an iPhone users can feel safe knowing that the apps have been developed with a safe and secure feature that will protect the operating system from many different types of threats, such as phishing or hacking. Online transactions are encrypted to provide the user with the comfort of knowing their information is safe.

Apple has been proven to be one of the most trusted brands on the market today. Anything that is related to Apple products is also going to have that level of trust associated with it as well. Users of Apple products put their trust into any app on their phone because they know that Apple has tested each product carefully and thoroughly before allowing it to be part of their App Store. So having an app that is available to iPhone users will also encourage users to have trust in the business that provides the app. 

Compared to other Smart Devices, iOS icons are aesthetically more appealing. Each one has a unique and dynamic design. Some apps will even show their user notifications without having to actually open and log into the app. This type of app allows businesses to have more open communication with its users. 

Businesses have realized that in order to have success and growth, the App industry is where they need to invest. While the cost of an iPhone app is a little bit higher compare to other industries, they are found to be more successful because of the market reach that they have and the clientele that they reach. Users expect and demand mobility from businesses they deal with. They also want the business to be responsive to them. These are functions that are attached to any app that is made for an iPhone regarding different businesses. The app is the perfect way for businesses to remain connected to consumers and their on the go lifestyle. 

Apps on iPhones have low fragmentation and ease of testing. Apple develops normally just one update on the iOS system every year. Each app created has to meet the testing criteria related to the current iOS version. This reduces the testing time and makes it quicker for the app to get to the iOS market. Nearly 90 percent of iPhone users upgrade their operating system immediately. This allows the app market to spend their money perfecting their app and providing more options for their users since they aren’t trying to make their app accessible to different operating system updates. 

Apps for Apple products take less time developing. They actually take about 28 percent less time than an Android app. This is because apps for Android products have to be tested on more than 20 different devices because of screen sizes, resolutions, and operating systems. iPhone apps guarantee profitability, market visibility, and customer loyalty. They have low production costs and maintenance is affordable, which are both very beneficial for businesses. 

Overall, developing an app with Apple is beneficial because its platform is of higher quality and will have more innovative features and more security than other platforms. They have a higher presence in other developed countries. The app will definitely have the potential to succeed and reach people that are looking for what you have to offer.