AWS Cloud Development

May 19, 2020

AWS Cloud Development - AppsTango

The world of AWS Cloud Development

Amazon Web Services is one of the world’s largest cloud computing platforms. It is a collection of remote computing services that when put together make up a cloud computing platform. It is a division of Amazon that provides servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security. It commands nearly 40 percent of the cloud computing market share. This is a huge percentage that is using this platform. The company offers virtual servers and a cloud-based storage system, but it also offers more than 70 different services to meet basically every need of a business. It is designed to help take the pain out of traditional hosting solutions. Here a few reasons why choosing AWS will be beneficial to you.

AWS definitely started out small and simple, but since then it has grown to be the leader in cloud computing. The company operates 76 availability zones within 16 different regions all around the globe. There are numerous more zones that are in the works in different regions in the country, they are currently expanding all over the globe. It doesn’t matter geographically where you are located, AWS can help cover you. 

AWS also offers different backup methods that include but not limited to AMIs (Amazon Machine Image) and EBS snapshots. The global reach that AWS has makes it super easy and affordable to store your critical information in many different locations. This means that when a manmade or natural disaster happens, your back up data will not be affected. 

Most businesses can’t function with data loss or even downtime. It can seriously hurt business and cause a setback for sure. The AWS platform will be able to provide the tools that are needed to help create your disaster recovery plan. 

The AWS is an extremely reliable platform. While the main purpose is useful for backups and disasters, you can rest assured knowing that the reliability of this product exceeds all others. They have been proven to be better at keeping their public service cloud running than their competitors. 

AWS is able to shrink down deployment speed time to minutes. If you have ever hosted a web service before, you know that it can take anywhere from 48 to 96 hours to provision a server. And even after that time, there are hours spent getting everything tested and ready. If you use their AMI you will be able to have a machine working and ready to accept connections in a very short amount of time. For example, if you are running a promotion that will attract a lot of traffic this will be extremely important to your site. It also gives you the flexibility to handle new demand when products launch. 

When this program first started out, engineers made sure they developed a computing infrastructure that would easily be scaled up or down to adjust to the needs of different types of businesses. This type of system is flexible and is considered a trademark of AWS. This is actually one of the main reasons that AWS is chosen over other competitors. Because Amazon has such a massive cloud-based platform, the businesses don’t have to bother with the constraints of physical computing infrastructure. People can take comfort in knowing that they can have access to their servers and storage whenever they need it. 

Amazon offers a pay as you go option. Amazon’s pricing platform is very popular amongst the people. Customers are able to start and stop their service whenever they need to. Customers only pay for what they use; every service is a la carte. This is smart when it comes to server infrastructure, especially since traffic can come in bursts, especially when you are dealing with larger sites. Customers are able to adjust their storage or server levels to meet their needs at any time. Customers do not need to worry about overspending on their budgets for more products than they need. 

AWS gives you the ability to start or stop services at any time. For example, you are able to schedule services such as Relational Database Services (RDS) or Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) whenever is good for you. It doesn’t have to always be on weekends or after hours. 

The AWS platform allows you to have a high level of customization that can meet the individual needs of different businesses. You can have customer-defined tagging that will let users monitor and manage their resources. You can customize cost tracking, organization, security, automation, etc. There are so many different tags that can be used with the AWS network. 

AWS offers security to all of its users, from small startup businesses to enterprises that have multiple offices and staff. The data center has the highest of standards. No need to worry about having your own secure facility. They have a secure network that is able to give you real-time insight on any suspicious activity or potential threats. Their data centers are staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week with trained security guards which is only accessed by those who have the authority on a privileged basis. You have the ability to configure built-in firewall rules where you are either totally public or completely private or maybe even somewhere in between. The different geographic regions and Availability Zones give you resilience in the face of almost all failure modes, which would include natural disasters or system failures. AWS keeps its data centers hidden as much as possible. 

AWS is definitely a profitable division of Amazon. The services they offer in the computing world are changing things in the same way Amazon has changed retail shopping. They offer their cloud products at an extremely competitive low price and they are able to provide affordable services to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops. Having this product be part of the Amazon line up gives you the security and trust from the brand you know.