Android Apps & the Market

Android Apps & the Market

May 19, 2020

Android Apps & the Market - AppsTango

Android App Development on a Billion Devices

Smartphones have made their way into people’s everyday lives. It is their main source of information and entertainment. From reading the news to finding entertainment to connecting with others, our cell phones are always our go-to source. Smartphones offer mobile computer features and can match a desktop or laptop utility wise. If you are interested in capitalizing in the smartphone industry through apps, then Android should be your first stop. 

More than 1 Billion devices are being operated on an Android device. More than 82 percent of the smartphone’s marketplace comes from Android. Having a market as big as this allows businesses to have many opportunities to reach people.

Android is considered an open-source and has a low entry barrier that will allow especially small businesses and startup companies to develop their apps. Developers are able to take advantage of the open-source from licensing, royalty-free, and having access to the best technology framework that is offered by the Android community. Having an open-source architect allows you to interact with the community for the upcoming expansions of android mobile app development. This is where handset manufacturers and wireless operators find this platform the best to work with. It results in faster Android phones being developed. Android also provides its Software Development Kit for free to the developer community. This allows the cost of development and licensing to be minimized. There are three main stages to the cost associated with developing an app: The application Development, the Testing stage, and the Hardware cost for testing and deploying the app. By not having to invest as much into creating the app allows the business to pass along those savings to the consumer by having the app be competitively priced.

Android has a customizable User Interface. This has always been a focus for Google to make this happen. This allows for more opportunities for businesses and developers to be able to get more out of the User Interface and allows their apps to be engaging. You will be able to integrate the mobile app to be completely customizable for your business. 

One of the key philosophies at Google is Freedom and Innovation. This philosophy gives developers the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity to be able to come out with engaging apps. There isn’t another platform out there that offers that kind of creative freedom.

Android offers multiple sales channels. With Android, you don’t have to comply with a single market to distribute your app. There are third party options available in the marketplace. But you are also able to create your own distribution and sales channel. There are applications for vertical markets, you can develop a new application store and place it directly on your website. Pretty much if you build it you can publish it. Whatever promotional strategy you want to use, you will be able to reach your users with whatever channel you desire. 

Android Apps have a high and easy approval rating. The apps aren’t required to complete any stringent approval process before they are able to make their way to the app marketplace. From when the idea of the app starts to develop to when it is available to download is shorter than other systems. 

Android apps are easy to adapt and develop. The Android applications are scripted in Java with the help of a plethora of libraries. If someone has knowledge of Java, they should be able to develop an app. Programmers who are well versed in Java find it very easy to adopt and script the code for mobile apps within the Android operating system. 

Unlike other systems, Android apps run on devices from many different manufacturers with different hardware configurations. By having this hardware compatibility it can ensure that they are offering a superior performance quality to their users of whatever device they may be operating. 

Android offers a wide range of graphic design options. They are in fact much more superior graphic designs compared to any other mobile app platform. When it comes to game applications, Android is considered a top choice for attractive and intuitive design options. This platform provides built-in support for developers to build the best 2D and 3D graphics. Having these graphics will bring more traffic to your website and help create a profit. 

The Android platform is a secure platform. It provides a hassle-free environment to its users for delivering the best apps out there. Business owners want to develop their apps on a platform where the site won’t crash, and Android is the best platform to deliver this within their mobile apps. There is an automated system that sends notifications to the users to keep them updated on any changes. It is difficult for malware to be able to locate the data structure on your device. 

Android is becoming a top seller for wearable devices. The wearable device market is growing at an increasing speed. And Android is doing its best to contribute to this industry with different devices for different users. The wearable device market is going to increase over 45 percent in the next few years and Android is going to be there to help bring more innovative and attractive devices that will be able to engage and entertain its users. 

We all know and trust Google. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of going with an Android app. All Google services are available in the operating system. The benefits of Google’s apps and features can be passed along to your app users. And whenever Google launches a new service or app, it will be able to be accessed on any Android device as well. 

The Android market is the most user-friendly market. Developing an app will allow your business to reach its full potential. It is cost-effective to use the Android Market and you will be able to reach a wide variety of people all over. A user-friendly app is all it takes to get your business off the ground.