UVU Roots Of Knowledge

UVU Roots of Knowledge Case Study


Roots of Knowledge is a panorama of history and human drama. The intricate details incorporated into every window represent years of painstaking research on the events and people that shaped humankind from the days of wooly mammoths and cavemen to the iPhone.

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Roots of Knowledge: A Window into the History of Human Intelligence


The roots of knowledge windows contain 80 individual window panels that are 10 feet tall and 200 feet in length. The window panels are covered in vibrant colored glass that show the dawn of humainity and end with the present day. The windows contain so many hidden gems that most people would never notice. UVU has provided a way for people to take a virtual tour online but there still was a issue when people were at the windows and wanted more information about a window panel.


UVU teamed up with AppsTango to take their virtual tour and put it into an app format so that guest can download an app that will help them learn more about each of the 80 panels and the hidden gems in each one. This allows the guest to gain a greater appreciation of all the work and details put into the panels and do it in the palm of their hands.


Client Testimonial

"AppsTango took our Roots of Knowledge project and optimized it for a new app store launch. Their Azure expertise was instrumental throughout this project."