Persile Case Study



Randon has lived a fairly fast paced life since he was a little kid. The older he got and the more responsibility that he took on made it increasingly difficult for him to stay organized and to feel that I was on track. He started working through the idea of persile in 2019 but in 2021 he can kicked into gear when his wife came home and said that his texting idea was on a billboard. He explored that app and found that it was not what he was trying to build but it motivated him to get his app up and running.

Hashtag The Text and Let PERSILE Do The Rest!


In order to stay organized I found myself jotting down notes and tasks in a variety places, writing notes in multiple notebooks, and texting myself while leaving them unread so that I would remember them.

Not only were these notes and tasks scattered everywhere I found it impossible to keep a good flow to them as I had different topics, projects, and to do's overlapping each other.

The one common denominator between it all was that whenever I had a thought or remembered something important it was always at an inconvenient time where I couldn't record the note/task in its proper place.


Client Testimonial

AppsTango has been a pleasure making my idea and dream become a reality I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to create a new app.