Number Please Case Study


Michael Huff had a dream to make a game show and has finally done it. But his game show is not one you will sit back and watch. He invites you to be apart of the action and play along on your phone.

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How It works

Number please is a gameshow-like app where players are asked a random question, where the answer is a specific number. Your score is determined by the difference between the real answer and your choice. After each round of questions, a number of users are eliminated based on having the highest score. The remaining players then move on to the next round. Winnings are based on how far you go before you are eliminated, with the final player winning the majority of the pot. 

Our Contribution

We have provided crucial services, including conceptualization, development, UI/UX design, and integration of a scoring system. Our Team ensured a seamless user experience by conducting thorough testing and quality assurance. Overall, our assistance has been essential in transforming an idea into a successful and user-friendly app.

Client Testimonial

20 years in the making, hundreds of phone calls, E-mails, even going door to door to places, I was shut down and out every step of the way...until I came across AppsTango! They responded to my E-mail that day and called me and were genuinely interested in my concept and me. They assembled the greatest team to get the project put together and launched, after so long and so much work, it's finally, FINALLY going to work out