Hammer Punch

Hammer Punch Case Study


Leland loved his childhood. It was full of bike riding, Nintendo and baseball. To keep a piece of that childhood happiness with him wherever he goes, he wanted to upload his baseball card collection online and have access to it on his phone. He also wanted a way to organize the collection so he knew what cards I had and what cards are missing from the collection. This started the wheels spinning to start looking into options of how to make this dream a possiblity and then how to share it with others.


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Baseball Card Collection Online


Collecting cards and growing their collection is a passion of many individuals. Each person has a different method for storing their cards. For some, it is having all the cards in a box to keep them safe. Others put them in protective sleeves in binders or on the wall. There is a common problem between all the different methods. How do you share the collection with people when you are not at home? How do you remember what card you need when you are out and find more cards? How do you easily sell cards you don't need? This is the problem that Hammer Punch is determined to solve.


Hammer Punch allows you to upload your cards to the app and have access to all your cards at a moments notice. You can view the thousands of cards you have and show them off to your friends while keeping your card safely stored at home. You can also upload cards you don't want or need anymore and check their value on Ebay. If you find a price you like, you can sell the card right from the app. Hammer Punch is designed to make sharing, organizing and growing your card collected so much easier and streamlined.


"AppsTango has been great to work with. They listen to exactly what you are trying to do and stay with you through the whole process till you are ready to go to market!"
- Leland Jones