Drywall Case Study


Drywall Genie allows drywall contractors to easily record how many drywall sheets and special materials they'll need per area based on the square footage of each specific job. Keep track of how many sheets of drywall you need, what sheets will go where, what materials go where, and then get a grand total you can send as either an email or text message

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Drywall Genie aims to address the challenge of efficiently managing and organizing drywall installation jobs. The problem it tackles is the complexity of keeping track of the necessary information for each job, including details about different areas, sheet counts, and sizes. Traditionally, this process could be cumbersome and prone to errors, as it involved manual input and calculations.


Drywall Genie streamlines this by providing a user-friendly platform where users can easily create and manage jobs, input specific details for various areas, and receive a summarized overview of the required sheets. In essence, it solves the problem of time-consuming and error-prone manual tracking and organization in the context of drywall installation projects.

Client Testimonial

AppsTango did a great job in making sure I got the app the way I wanted. They were very knowledgeable in what they could do and got things done in a timely manner.