Crews Case Study



Marc wanted to build the Crews app to help flight crews have a better experience while they are in new places and trying to find something to eat, something to do and possible a friend. He wants to help flight crews get out and see the places they are at and not be a slam-clicker (a crewmember who just stays in their hotel room between flights). He wants a easy way for flight crews everywhere to find something great between their flights and improve crewmembers layover experiences.

"Apps Tango has been great to work with. They certainly have all the programming expertise that would take me years to learn. My program manager is always responsive, and often has great suggestions for how to solve the various problems we come across".
-Marc Smith

Aptive Environmental Case Study

Live Your Dream supports single-mother families by providing scholarships for single-mothers who desire to gain an education to better provide for their children.

Our organization is made up of all volunteers, which allows all of your contributions to directly benefit families.
The Live Your Dream Foundation is a registered 501(c)3.

"AppsTango dontated their services to deliver our website and technology services. We loved working with them!"
- Katie Bunnell - Founder

Onboarding products and new vendors has never been easier with!

Live Your Dream Story

Live Your Dream Foundation was founded in 2010 by the Young Family, David Young, founder, and president of Paragon Wealth Management (, daughter Katie Bunnell and Shannon Golladay. Its mission is to support single mother families by providing scholarships for women who have aspirations for higher education to better provide for their children. The story began when Katie Bunnell experienced being a single mother after her husband Byron unexpectedly passed away in 2005. Byron was not only a beloved family member but also a dear friend and colleague employed at Paragon Wealth Management at the time. Byron's death was an unexpected shock to everyone who knew him. He added joy and meaning to many people's lives.

Suddenly, Katie was left to provide for her 3-month-old daughter. After taking some time to grieve, she decided her best first step would be to attend college to receive her bachelor's degree. She searched for scholarships but had difficulty finding any scholarships for her situation. Notwithstanding, Katie persevered and completed her bachelor's degree in just two and a half years from Utah Valley University.

Katie uses the foundation she created with her family to give scholarships to single mothers in Utah. All scholarships go to helping these women gain an education to be able to provide for their families. They may attend any university, college, or technical school; the scholarships range from $500-$3,000. Scholarships funds are paid directly to the school in both fall and winter/spring semesters. The scholarship recipients have the opportunity to be reconsidered for the scholarship multiple semesters.

Our foundation is unique because 100% of the funds raised directly benefit single mothers in Utah. The operation is entirely volunteer-operated, and there are no paid employees. Katie runs the foundation as a labor of love, which is a lot of work, but she is grateful to be able to make a difference in these families lives. We are thankful for Paragon Wealth Management; they donate all the funds for any overhead costs of operation.

Live Your Dream would not be possible without Katie's family, her four children and husband, Devin Bunnell, and the sacrifice of fantastic board members. They volunteer their time and efforts to allow single mother families to gain an education. Katie enjoys spending time outdoors, playing sports, boating, and working in the yard. You can always find her playing practical jokes, giving meaningful advice, and finding ways to serve her friends and family.


Explore Your Layover


Flight Crews spend anywhere from 10-18 nights a month on the road. Some crew members will go straight to their hotel room and stay their until their next flight. Some will try and go out and explore new places and restaurants. Often times the crew members that go out and explore find something great that they share with the other crew members when they met up again and tell the crew members they have to go there next time they go back to that city. Sadly, those cool places and restaurantsare lost between all the other flights.


By inputting places you like to eat or things you like to do, you're sharing info with your fellow crewmembers. Maybe you're even encouraging someone to get out and see or do something new when they might otherwise just spend their layover in their hotel room.


First time to FLL? Tired of that same salad place in SFO? Stuck in DFW for 3 hours and want to find some airport food with a discounted crew menu?   Use the new CREWS app to find a new restaurant or food truck. Read reviews and get suggestions from fellow pilots and flight attendants across ALL airlines! You can even filter for restaurants that have crew discounts.  


Don't slam-click, get out and explore! Find a safe place to go for a walk/run, rent a paddle board or a bike, or find a local farmers market ... you can search for activities that offer a crew discount!  CREWS lets you find something FUN on your next layover so you'll never have to sit around watching TV in your hotel room.  


Have you ever found out after the fact that you had a layover in the same city as a friend? Ever had a 3 hour "airport appreciation break" and wonder if any friends are passing through? With CREWS you can see where your friends are no matter what airline they work for! Securely share your location only with those you choose.