Can You Play Case Study



Can You PLAY? (CYP) is an app built to facilitate more in-person play, particularly among young children. CYP is designed for parents, guardians, and caregivers to remove friction in finding and scheduling play dates, safely helping kids play more in the physical world with others. There are significant forces negatively affecting children’s physical and mental health including isolation and too much screen time. CYP seeks to increase physical play and positive social interaction for children to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health, combating the overall increase of apps - many of which are addictive and harmful to children.

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Encourage and digitally facilitate more in-person play, especially among kids!


Social media and tech giants are exploiting user data and digital techniques to increase everyone’s screen time, especially those of children causing them to trade physical and social interaction for digital experiences. This has led to increased feelings of isolation and depression in children along with decreased physical health. Arranging play dates is also more time consuming and demanding for parents causing them to turn to easier digital options for entertainment.


CYP removes much of the friction involved in finding friends and scheduling play dates. The app runs on any smart phone or tablet and helps parents safely find play pals in their geographic area and see availability to play in real time. CYP also allows parents to curate networks of children’s friends and message directly through the app, eliminating the need for multiple calls and texts to see if friends can play and arrange a play date. CYP focuses on removing friction in finding and arranging play for children and making it just as easy as the current digital alternatives.


Client Testimonial

"AppsTango has been our most critical partner given our product is an app. Apps are the new websites. People use apps... period! Anyone looking to engage users or consumers should highly prioritize the right app developers. AppsTango was right for us - as a start-up concept looking to expand and prove our concept, which is where we are today. We would not be where we are today without AppsTango. AppsTango also cares about the projects the choose to engage on and develop projects that add good to the world."
- Bo Nemelka & Steve Tate