CAMS Case Study


AXIS is a mobile data gathering app designed to enable users to survey remotely located assets based on formalized custom surveys. Technicians, service personnel and site managers regularly complete surveys of remote assets and submit their data and images for program administrators. Large-scale data collection is accomplished via the app, and analysis, filtering and reporting are accomplished via the AXIS web management portal.

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Taking the preexisting system and tailoring it to our customers needs and the vision of what we wanted to offer in ability to manage and gather data over large sets of remote assets.


AXIS SAAS solution to remote asset management enables managers to gather consistent, detailed data and photos across hundreds or thousands of remote assets no matter their location. AXIS eliminates clipboards, Excel sheets, email and attachments as a means of gathering and presenting data regarding remote asset conditions.


Client Testimonial

"AppsTango migrated our database and legacy systems to create a new best practice architecture and workflow. The team was knowledgeable and easy to work with!"