My Times Case Study

Many of us would like to keep a diary or a journal of our daily activities, but who has the time to sit and write every day? MyTimes makes it easy and simple to keep track of the basic elements of your day. The appointments you had, the pictures you took, the notes you wrote, all in one place, gathered for you, logged by date. Instant journal with minimal effort. Keeping a daily journal has been made easy and fast with MyTimes.

"AppsTango guided me through the app development process from architecting and developing the app to creating my website."
- Jef Gallaci- Founder

ListingSMS Case Study

With millions of products being manually listed on Shopify daily there was an opportunity to optimize and automate product listings. ListingSMS allows the user to simple text a picture of the product and allow our machine learning servers identify it and list within seconds on user's Shopify stores. With each image sent, the machine learning process gets smarter. Using SMS gateways and serverless AWS cloud architecture AppsTango innovated quickly and built a top Shopify application.

"AppsTango brought the right architecture and machine learning processes to a Shopify app opportunity."
- Russ Thornton- Founder

Create a journal the easy way!

Create a journal the easy way!

ListingSMS Mission

Simply text us an image and view how fast we identify and create a listing with your image! It's really that simple!!

Our simple patent pending worklfow takes the hours out of product listings and allows business to scale. Texting an image triggers a workflow that reduces the time to market.

My Times Mission

Journaling is one of the best ways to connect generations. But, let’s be honest, it is tedious and inconvenient to sit down at the end of a day to make a comprehensive review of what went on that day. Sitting down once a week to recap is a great way to forget the details that so often are the essence of our happiness. MyTimes makes it so easy. Pictures to remember events. Calendar to remember your schedule.