Dear Businesses Affected by COVID,

Deadline: January 18th

AppsTango has worked with business partners to discount development services and offer this COVID Relief Program! We understand there are so many small businesses affected by this epidemic and we want to support those who are affected and contribute back into the proprietorship of our nation. Our hearts go out to those who have sacrificed to keep employees on board and remain sustainable through these difficult times.

AppsTango is proud to present: COVID relief program offering 50% off development fees.

Who should apply?

  • You are someone who's industry has been tangibly affected.
  • You have had to lay employees off because of COVID19.
  • You have already prepared and secured funding for the project we will be helping you with.
  • You are looking for a dependable technical partner so you can focus on supporting your business.
  • You have lost customers because of COVID19.

AppsTango will book meetings with selected applicants and will decide who has been accepted into the program by January 30th.

Apply for our COVID Relief Program!