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What Does Cost to Get An App Designed for my SLC Company

Every app, ever designed, first started from an idea! However, the second step seems to be a huge stumbling block to most people and companies. No, the second step is not programming it, much to popular belief. The second step is actually scoping it out and working with a programmer to get a quote, to determine what it would take to build. Who knows how many countless ideas for the next mobile solution are simply floating around in people's minds? Simply because they choose to believe the next step would be too hard or expensive; when in reality, the second step is almost as easy as the first.

Why AppsTango

At AppsTango we have a unique and different (a.k.a better) approach to building and quoting mobile applications for both iPhone and Android. At our company headquarters near Salt Lake City, we use Jira. This is a software that is part of a family of products designed to help teams manage work, quotes, requirements, design, and testing. This enables us to provide incredibly accurate timelines, hour and cost estimates to your business.

We also encourage Salt Lake City company owners to focus on an initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This allows our clients to get on the app store much quicker! Another benefit of focusing on the MVP is the fact that the app can be much more cost effective. In many cases, our clients can start to monetize their program, which helps to build income for future design sessions and phases, if needed.

Another key factor that we feel sets us apart

is the low cost we charge for design. We only charge $125 an hour while other Salt Lake City based companies charge $150 to $175 an hour! Having a good programmer is one thing, being gouged for design and build time is another. Our company has taken over many projects simply because the “other app design business” kept dragging out the project and charging outrageous prices.

Our Salt Lake City company builds both hybrid and native for IOS (iPhone) and Android (Google). The platform can play a large role in determining the final cost so we can help you understand the overall cost ramifications and variables. Other items can also increase the cost are: Custom hardware integrations, Location Based Services, other program integration (i.e. Contacts, etc.) & Bluetooth accessibility. We also recommend that our clients have us create an initial wireframe design and user experience documentation as it reduces program build time and cost significantly.


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